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How Can I Change Old Profile Picture in my Yahoo account?

First impression matters, in the same way, the profile picture of your Yahoo account to the people. Profile picture helps in making your account look more authentic. If you want, you can change your account profile picture anytime and create a new one. So the process of changing a profile picture is quite easy. And the complete procedure is given in the written blog.


The image can be changed from a computer system and mobile app too.


Directives for adding or updating/ changing a picture on a mobile device:

·       In case you still don’t have your Yahoo mail app, download it quickly.

·       After that, tap on the menu icon.

·       Next, you have to tap the “Settings” choice.

·       And then tap “Manage Accounts”. Doing this, will bring up a window with the account information.

·       Now, just tap “Account Info” just below your account’s name.

·       You need to tap the person silhouette.

·       Select a photo option. And you can either take a pic via your phone camera or choosing an existing photo from the library.

·       Just tap a photo for choosing it.

·       You have to wait for your photo to get appear. This will take a few seconds.


Instructions to add or change profile picture in Yahoo account from a PC:

·       For changing Yahoo profile picture, you have to access your account’s settings from your inbox.

·       You need to enter the “Mail” choice.

·       Then after click the Settings gear. And this option is on the far right side of inbox page.

·       Enter the “Account Info” option.

·       Simply click the person silhouette, doing so you will be prompted to upload a photo

·       If you want to upload a profile photo from a website, then you need to download the photo.

·       And here it comes to review your chosen photo.

o   You need to enter one of the arrows which are above the photo for rotating your picture 90 degrees.

o   Enter and drag the slider just below the photo for zooming in or out.

·       Finally, enter “Crop and Save” for saving your photo. You will now see your latest profile picture.


Photo requirements

Image file size: 5MB

Image resolution size:192×192

File format: .jpg,.jpeg, .png,



Have more questions regarding changing profile picture? Get connected with Yahoo contact number 24 hours


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